Island County Series

Finding Love

Tori Aickens understands more than most what it feels like to lose the ones you love, but she also understands how to survive that kind of pain by leaving it all behind and never looking back. Unfortunately, while she’s busy never looking back, she walks straight ahead to find her fiancé cheating on her with a grin on his face.

It isn’t until her father passes away, that Tori decides to return to Fireweed Island for the summer. Coming back to a place where ghosts lurk in even the happiest of memories makes her face the heartache of her past she’s done so well at leaving behind. It isn’t until Gabby introduces Mason Rhodes to her that she realizes kindness can exist in this overly brutal thing called life, and maybe not all men are meant to self-destruct, or she’s just been sniffing in too much ocean air.

Either way, spending time with Mason on Fireweed Island leaves Tori questioning if the carefully constructed life she left behind in New York is one she even wants any longer. Mason is determined to break down Tori’s barriers, but she’s not sure she’s strong enough to let go of her past and imagine a future that risks her heart getting broken again, and she wonders if there’s such a thing as the right love at the wrong time…

Fans of the Beyond Love Series will enjoy seeing old friends and reading about fresh characters in this carefully woven tale of love, heartache, and new beginnings.

Love Redone

Natalie Jennings loves nothing more than waking up and going into work at the florist shop she owns in the heart of Fireweed Island. Every morning is pleasant and filled with sunshine and rainbows. That is until she sees an email for a wedding consult slide right into her inbox with the sender’s name of Cole Hill. Her hands get clammy and the cold winter’s day suddenly feels like it’s ninety degrees and climbing. It couldn’t be the same Cole Hill from high school. The universe isn’t that cruel.

But as she opens the email and reads the message, she realizes that it is, indeed, the Cole Hill from high school, and it is the universe’s turn to not only be cruel but downright evil. Cole broke her heart, but not in the normal fashion. He ensured the process was a long one filled with plenty of ups and downs. It all started in first grade and didn’t finally end until the second year of college. And now he is coming back to get married on Fireweed Island.

The perks of being the only florist in town! It’s a good thing she got over him years ago...

Tangled Love

Tangled Love by Karice Bolton

Sophie Bristol works two jobs—sometimes three—and is surrounded by people falling in love and that’s great. Really, it’s great. It’s not like she ever thought she’d find that perfect someone. After all, she learned he probably only exists in some far away land with talking wildlife and glass slippers, and that works perfectly for her busy schedule. Not to mention she experienced the worst divorce in island history between her parents, and she got to be there for every painful second to warp her view on the subject. And let’s not forget her stepmom has only learned to like Sophie once she began helping take care of her dad after his stroke.

So to say love isn’t a priority is an understatement. Life hasn’t been easy, not that she ever expected it to be, and she’s fine with the hand she’s been dealt.

Really, she is fine. But when Sophie falls for a rock star, it will take more than a fairy godmother to make love work in the real world.

Anthony Hill is the lead singer of the Crimson Strings and his band has hit it big. Really big. Huge, actually. And he should be thrilled. It’s what he’s always wanted. However, sometimes there is a big disconnect between dreams and reality. With his nonstop touring schedule and pressure to repeat success on his next album, he flees to the one place that scarred him the most, Fireweed Island. He hopes if he confronts the demons of his past, he’ll finally get to experience the happiness he so desperately craves, but he soon finds out coming back to the island might be the worst decision he’s ever made.

Until he meets her.

What Anthony wants, no—needs— is simple. He needs Sophie Bristol to fall in love with him. What he gets is a tangled mess involving two very complicated people, who refuse to see what is right in front of them. He realizes the fantasy of love he’s conjured up over the years will take more than finding the one because he has apparently found the “one” who has no interest in love or dating. He knows the only way he has a chance with Sophie is to get her to trust him, but given his current profession that won’t be easy.

Forever Love

Forever Love

Between a hot fireman and a sweet librarian, I never wanted the story to end. Each page sizzled with a slow burn, and it was a fantastic and heartwarming story."

Jewels Jennings—zippy librarian by day and book blogger by night—came back to the one and only place beyond the pages of a book that has given her happiness, Fireweed Island. Years ago, she tore off the island in a speedboat with the man she was supposed to marry in tow and a vow never to return to small-town living . . . only to return with her tail between her legs, newly divorced, and completely skeptical of anything resembling love. She prefers to stick to the men between the pages of her latest read rather than waste time in the real world.

Jake Harlen fled to Fireweed Island with the hopes of forgetting his past. He’s been busy carving out a life that anchors him far away from people and the complications they always manage to deliver. He likes his life, manages it with the care it deserves, and is content in his single ways . . . until he goes on a rescue call and meets the town librarian.

When Jewels finds her life hanging in the balance more than once, Jake is the only one who can save her, but neither of them realizes the magic of love that Fireweed is determined to deliver, but only one of them is ready to accept what fate has in store.

Tempting Love

Tempting Love

Christmas is coming to Fireweed Island! Holly Wildes is excited to spend the holidays alone in a calm and peaceful setting with no pesky neighbors, no annoying bosses, and absolutely no horns honking or sirens blaring at three in the morning.

After seven years of giving her all to a top investment firm in Manhattan, her holiday bonus included a pink slip and a rather slim severance package. So when her sister, Maddie, promises the perfect opportunity to work at her tea shop, Holly jumps at the chance to start over.

What Holly doesn’t expect is to live across the street from one of the sexiest men she’s ever encountered. Thankfully, he seems too busy to notice her, and around town, she begins to learn that Nick is anything and everything but a saint. He is definitely not a complication she needs in her life, especially with her parents coming to town.

Nick always thought he was content in life. He has a thriving business, enjoys the perks of being a bachelor, and never has to think twice about doing what he wants when he wants. That all changes once Holly moves in across the street. All she has to do is throw a smile in his direction, and he knows his life is forever changed.

The only problem is that she doesn’t seem to know he exists.

Chance at Love

Chance at Love

Maddie has never been boy crazy. She’s never cared about relationships. She’s never dreamed of a knight in shining armor coming to her rescue. She’d much rather build her own empire and spend nights in with a cup of tea and a good book, and she’s found the perfect place to do both, Fireweed Island. Granted, she has very good reasons why she avoids the opposite sex, but those secrets will never escape her lips.

But when she promises the wonderful woman who owns a lavender farm on Hound Island that she’d meet her son and tour the farm, she had no idea her world would turn upside down.

If she were to pick a dream guy, he’d be it.

Chance doesn’t have time to date or worry about relationships. He’s living his father’s dreams and making sure his mom will be set if he decides to leave the farm and pursue his real passion. The problem is that Chance’s mother hasn’t stopped rattling off reasons why he needs to meet the “girl who owns the tea shop”, and when he finally makes the trek to Fireweed Island, he realizes his mom was right.

Maddie is incredible.

But she’s also not interested. It’s written all over her face.

And this is why Chance has given up on the idea of finding someone. It’s just too complicated.

...Until she devises a plan that he just can't resist.

Irresistible Love

Irresistible Love

After all the girls for a girls’ weekend jump ship, Brooke Sahler is left alone to spend a makeshift spa weekend in the mountains of Washington. As she’s happily wrapping herself in plastic wrap and smearing mud on her face, a freak spring snow storm leaves her stranded in the cozy cabin she rented. But not to fear, she’s got plenty of food and cable television to indulge in until the snow melts.

When the owner of the property stops by to check on her, she’s shocked to see her first crush standing on the other side of the door. He’s sinfully sexy, and every sizzle and tingle returns with a vengeance.

Funny how Aunt Hildie never mentioned who owns the lodge. . .

Kyle North always had a thing for his friends’ little cousin, Brooke. He remembers spending summers in Colorado tromping around with her and his best friends, Jake and Chance Harlen. She had a knack for getting them into plenty of trouble and daring him into the most intimate adventures. They shared a lot of firsts, and he’s never quite forgiven himself for taking one of them.

By the look in her eyes, it’s safe to say she remembers that night and is less than pleased to see him—even if he’s holding an armload of wood to keep her warm. When she invites him in, every single emotion he felt when he was a teenager slams into him. She’s gorgeous, smart, and completely uninterested.

Too bad she doesn’t believe in second chances. . .

Lucky in Love

Lucky in Love

Tiffany Bailey is in love. Truly, madly, deeply in love with a boy who has chestnut hair, glistening white teeth, and sparkling brown eyes. He’s adorable and makes her heart melt off of just one look. He has given her everything she’s ever wanted. There are just a couple of problems. First of all, he isn’t hers, and the second issue is that he has four legs and doesn’t talk much.

In all seriousness, Tiffany has never found that one person who makes her stomach flutter with delight, her cheeks flush from a heated glance, or her pulse spike from just one touch, which is precisely why she thinks love isn’t what it’s cracked up to be…much more effort than it’s worth, really.

Or at least she believes that until Billy comes crashing into her world or was it the other way around?

One thing she knows is that Billy gives her every reason to blush and make her heart rate race with thoughts that had never popped into her head before. Thoughts she needs to squash immediately, especially since he has quite the reputation for collecting lots of phone numbers.

The one thing Tiffany refuses to do is lose her heart to a man who is incapable of real emotion, but a little bit of harmless flirting can’t be that bad, right?

Billy’s life is changing at lightning speed. His business is booming. He has franchises opening up across the Pacific Northwest, and he clearly doesn’t have time for love.

Except he just can’t get Tiffany Bailey out of his mind.

She’s beautiful, charming, and holds a zest for life that makes his world seem a little more exciting. But life isn’t that simple, especially his. He holds too many secrets and an inability to love. No big deal, right? All Billy knows is that in his world, Tiffany is off limits.


Although, maybe having a little fun wouldn’t hurt anything.

All books in the Island County Series can be read as standalones.

Mistletoe Mischief

Mistletoe Mischeif

A delightfully charming and sexy Christmas romance that will make you believe in the special magic of the season.

When Gina Tuckerman goes home for the holidays after a decade long absence, she never expects to run into the one man--Colton McAlister--who stole her heart and crushed it to smithereens. But she doesn't have time for all that. Her goal is to wrangle her family together and make this holiday the best Christmas ever.

Yet sometimes, fate has something else in store...

The moment Colton sees Gina at the local market, his world stands still and he can barely speak. But she certainly does, and the message is loud and clear. She has never forgiven him or his family, and she never will for what they did.

Colton never expected to see her again, but now that she's in town, he can't get her out of his mind. She's as beautiful, smart-mouthed, and feisty as ever, and all he can think about is holding her in his arms.

He's determined not to let her slip away, but he's not sure if she'll ever be able to open her heart to him again.