Karice Bolton writing as...Poppy bolton

Katie Chance Mystery Series

 With a checkered employment history, an ex-boyfriend who thinks she is an ATM machine, and a crazy family that she misses dearly, Katie Chance can’t wait to start over in her hometown of Apple Grove.

What Katie doesn’t expect is to be thrown into the middle of the town’s first murder investigation or to nearly be run over by the murder suspect as he’s trying to flee town.

Katie never imagined that the quiet little town of Apple Grove would be the center of a scintillating murder mystery. But when rich spinster, Rudy Valentine winds up murdered in her bathtub the finger-pointing begins.

Apple Grove becomes a circus as media swarms the once-quiet town, and the sheriff does little to arrest the right person and quite a lot to arrest the wrong ones, which makes conspiracy theories fly and everyone a suspect.

Katie must dodge trouble at every turn and pray for an outcome that doesn’t land her behind bars as the murderer roams free and leaves a note telling her she’s next. 


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